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Muriqi & Rosinsky Wins in Brooklyn (Seconds out)

Muriqi & Rosinsky Wins in Brooklyn (Seconds out)

Muriqi Elvir pose Tarver PPC Tom Casino
Jerry Glick reporting: A rumor went around that Elvir Muriqi was upset because he expected to fight an orthodox opponent but he was instead match with Daniel Judah, a southpaw. The question is why did he object? After his performance on Havoc Promotions eight fight card on Saturday at The Aviator in Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field, he had nothing to complain about. He completely dominated Zab’s older brother to take a lopsided ten.

Muriqi, who hadn’t fought in thirteen months but looked sharp anyway, worked well behind a jab that he almost never missed with against his taller foe. He attacked Judah’s body fiercely and also tossed combinations to his head as well.

After they fought fairly evenly for three rounds, Muriqi, 183, known as “The Kosovo Kid”, from Kosovo, Yugoslavia, who now fights out of New York City, found the range and was now in command of the fight. He landed a body shot in the fourth stanza that Judah claimed was low and he dropped to the canvas and stayed there with his face twisted in pain for many minutes. He was allowed to continue when a skeptical looking Steve Willis, the referee, who handled a difficult situation very well, ordered the fight to resume as the fans shouted for Judah to stop faking and get up. More likely Judah felt the punch, but because his trunks were high, it wasn’t really low; painful, but not low.

A rejuvenated and angry Judah, 189, attacked, but the round had only seconds remaining before the bell sounded.

Muriqi, 38-5 (23 KOs), had Judah, 23-6-3 (10 KOs), down again in round six the result of another body shot that had Judah, from Brooklyn, NY, again claiming that the punch was low. Regardless, Muriqi was in command all the way using fine skills and a snappy jab to out box Judah and take a unanimous ten round decision in the cruiserweight scrap. Judges Waleska Roldan and Robin Taylor both saw it 100-90 and Robert Perez tallied 99-90 once, all for Muriqi.

Will “Power” Rosinsky made his debut in the super-middleweight class a highly successful one as he out fought a stubborn Yasin Rashid to take a unanimous eight round decision by scores of 80-72 (Judges Taylor and Carlos Ortiz Jr.) and 78-74 (Judge Perez).

For almost every minute of their eight round affair Rosinsky, 168 ½, did his best imitation of Smokin’ Joe Frazier as he stayed up close and hammered Rashid, also 168 ½, with everything he had. Rasid, from Brooklyn, NY, tried his best but seemed to lose steam by the fourth frame. Rosinsky, 13-0 (7 KOs), suffered a cut over his left eye in round six that bled down his cheek for the rest of the fight but was not a factor in the result. The referee, Eddie Claudio ruled that it was from a punch but Rosinsky claimed that it was caused by an unintentional head butt. Rashid lost his “0” and is now 7-1 (2 KOs).

As he left the ring Rosinsky had this to say; “I felt good in there,” said the owner of New Legends Gym in Ozone Park, Queens. “I wasn’t tired one bit. “I’m definitely staying at this weight. He was a strong guy but he doesn’t compare to some of these big guys. If I fought him at 175 or 180 it would have been a big difference. It’s a perfect weight for me.”


I’ve seen Stivens Bujaj, 199, New York, NY, 3-0 (2 KOs), fight all three times he fought as a pro and each time I am more impressed. He went the distance for the first time after scoring two knockdowns in the first of four rounds but had to settle for a unanimous decision with scores of 39-35 two times and 40-34 once. Claudio refereed.

After his fight he talked about going the distance.

“It felt good,” he said. “I came to fight, I did what I had to do. I boxed when I had to, I used my combinations and I hurt him and I kept my defense tight.”

He trainer, Billy Giles, talked about his young fighter, “I trained three or four world champions,” explained Giles, “Including Aaron Davis, and I think (Stivens) is my best prospect.”

Boyd Melson, 155, Brooklyn, NY, debut, got up from a first round knockdown to outpoint Andrew Jones, 151, Buffalo, NY, 0-2-1 over four rounds. Melson, an army man, donated his entire purse to stem cell research. Willis refereed.

Joel Castillo, 180, Bronx, NY, 6-0 (3 KOs), won by disqualification at 2:45 of the first round of four over an out of control Rayshawn Myers, 179 ½, Cleveland, OH, 3-5 (2 KOs) after Myers threw Castillo into the ropes. Both were warned for roughhousing but Myers continued those tactics so referee Shada Murdaugh attempted to deduct a point only to find a reluctant Myers (who entered the ring in a Michael Myers mask) refused to cooperate by allowing the referee to hold his wrist and indicate the point reduction to each judge. Murdaugh did the right thing and DQd Myers.

Featherweight Joshua Arocho, 126 ½, Vineland, NJ, 1-3 (0 KOs), won for
the first time when he ruined Allan Phelan, 127, Queens, NY, 0-1, debut when Phelan was unable to continue after indicating that his right arm was injured at :14 of the fourth. He first hurt the arm in the second of four rounds scheduled. Murdaugh officiated.

Knockout artist Emanuel Gonzalez, 128, Bronx, NY, 6-0 (6 KOs), and Juan Luis Melendez, 130-Canovanes, PR, fought a close first frame of a scheduled six, but that was not the case in the second round. Gonzalez landed a 1-2 combination followed by a left hook that knocked Melendez across the ring, into the ropes. He was given an eight count because the ropes prevented the knockdown. He dropped his mouth piece during the count. Then with Gonzalez pounding him on the ropes he turned away prompting referee Willis to wave it off at 2:02 of the second round.

Chazz McDowell, 133, Bronx, NY, 3-0 (1 KO), won a hard fought four round verdict over debuting George Santiago, 133, Brooklyn, NY, 0-1. Scores: 40-36 from all three judges.

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Muriqi decisions Judah in “Holiday Havoc!”

Muriqi decisions Judah in “Holiday Havoc!”

At a packed house at the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, New York, a borough that has produced time and time again great talent in the boxing world, Rob Diaz Havoc Boxing Promotions presented its “Holiday Havoc” card.

The main event featured Daniel Judah (23-7 10 KO) of Brooklyn, NY facing off against Elvir Muriqi (38-5 23 KO’s) from Kosovo now fighting out of New York City. This controversial fight had the loud and electric crowd on its feet throughout the match. However, this match was marred with controversy as in the third, fourth and sixth round Muriqi hit Judah below the belt causing three separate stoppages, the second lasting well past the allotted five minute recovery time. This enraged the pro Muriqi fans and definitely put a halt to the flow of the fight. The fight eventually continued and from the seventh round on remains controversy free. Results Muriqi wins a unanimous decision 100-90, 99-91, 99-91. After the bout in an exclusive interview from Judah’s locker room, a visibly upset Judah claimed to feel that he got cheated claiming that at one point the referee told him that he had taken a point off for the low blows which he indeed did not. Judah also said that he plans to file an official protest claiming that he feels that Muriqi should have been disqualified Judah also stated passionately that he will “never ever fight in New York state again” . Later on I was able as well to get an exclusive locker room interview with Elvir Muriqi when asked about the low blows Muriqi admitted to one inadvertent low blow but said that the other two where no where near low blows and that Judah was indeed faking them he also said he plans to fight more often due to the fact that this was his first fight after a thirteen month layoff.

The co-feature saw a battle of two undefeated Light Heavyweights from Brooklyn as Will Rosinsky (13-0) scored a eight round unanimous decision over Yasin Rashid (7-1). The judge’s scorecard read as follow: 80-72, 78-74, 80-72.

In another highly anticipated bout, U.S. Army Capt. Boyd Melson (1-0-0) made his professional debut against Andrew Jones (0-2-1) the fight started with Jones being the aggressor and midway thru the round landing a left hook to the head that sent Melson to the canvas and producing a cut over Melson’s right eye however Melson quickly stood up and showed no ill effects from the knock down the rest of the fight had Melson controlling the action becoming more active with his jab and being the busier fighter throwing constant combinations : result in a unanimous decision Melson is declared the winner with all judges scoring the fight 38-37. After the fight Melson in an exclusive one on one interview stated that he was frustrated with his performance and that he felt he came out too tight and was lunging too much to start the fight but eventually calmed down and concentrated on doubling up on his jabs and throwing more combinations. On a separate note Melson donated his entire fight purse towards Stem Cell Research, a cause that is very dear to his heart and is very passionate about. One which he plans to continue supporting due to the fact that a close dear friend of his is wheelchair bound due to a spinal cord injury.

Undercard Results:

Chazz McDowell (3-0) vs. George Santiago (0-1) After four rounds of action the judges scorecards read as follow: 40-36, 40-36, 40-36. Winner by unanimous decision: Chazz McDowell

Emmanuel Gonzales (6-0) vs. Juan Melendez (2-5-1) The referee stops the fight at the 2:02 mark of the second round. Winner by TKO: Emmanuel Gonzalez

Allan Phelan (0-1) vs. Joshua Arocho (1-2) Fight stopped at the 14 second mark of the fourth round. Phelan was unable to continue due to a left hand injury. Winner: Joshua Arocho

Stivens Bujaj (3-0) vs. Hamid Abdul-Mateen (0-1) After four rounds of action the judges scorecards read as follow: 40-34, 39-35, 39-35. Winner by unanimous decision: Stivens Bujaj

Joel Castillo (6-0) vs. Rayshawn Myers (3-5) Referee stops the fight winner by disqualification: Joel Castillo

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